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It's THE Underground Strategy to Legally Beat the Casinos at Their Own Game!

The Biggest Risk You Could Take Is Not Reading This Page

There are hundreds (even thousands) of ways to say a single thing in the English language - and so it is with playing craps. There is always more than one way to play a game of crap and beat the game which until now, we've always thought of as a game a chance. We're not talking about playing craps while standing on your head - nor are we talking about playing craps while wearing a sky-blue leisure suit.

As silly as that sounds, some people swear by this kind of wacky mojo. We're here to proudly introduce a much more intelligent approach to a much more intelligent crowd (that's you!). This is an approach that increases your chance of winning at craps using math, the scientific method, and good old common sense.

Our Strategies Work For Every Game of Craps Out There

And what better way to manifest the winning strategies inside our book than with a good game of dice?! Dice appeals to our natural attraction to the unknown - and it's that unknown phenomenon that brings out our inner (sometimes suppressed) desire to take control of that unknown. We want to own the unknown, and we want to profit from the unknown.

While others see craps as a game of chance, we look at craps as a game of choices and it's from these choices that we open your eyes to the game beneath the game.

The first choice you must make right now is to Win? or Lose?

It really is that simple. While you're sitting there... wondering how we learned what we know and how we can help you come out ahead at a game of craps, you've got to know the significance of this choice. Some people don't - and that's why they lose. They continue to lose in fact because they don't actively make the choice to win. You, on the other hand, are different. You already made the choice to win because you're here.

Congratulations! You've just separated yourself from the hoards of others who continuously approach craps as if they were wearing blinders. You've just elevated yourself above the gamblers who are no more skilled than the average street-corner betters. And you've significantly increased the stakes - stakes that have "Win! Win! Win!" plastered all over them.

Just Think About What This Means For A Minute...

  • Just think of what it would mean if you knew your chances of winning before you sat down to play.

  • Just think of what it would mean if you only knew when it would be profitable to pull out of a game.

  • Just think of what it would mean if you had a quantifiable value to assign and compare to each and every risk.

  • Just think of what it would mean if you had a mathematical system to calculate your odds.

  • Just think of what it would mean if you had access to two simple tools designed to increase winnings and decrease loss.

  • The Insider Craps System not only explains what this would mean - it shows you how to do each and every one these things!

    It doesn't take a genius to realize casinos aren't on your side! Casinos aren't in the business of handing over hundreds of thousands of dollars make friends! But that doesn't mean they're completely against you either. People have to win if these casinos are going to stay in business. This little quirk of business strategy creates an advantageous loophole. And that's a loophole purposely left wide and open for you to harvest an unlimited number of winnings.

    We Turn Your Current Approach To Craps Inside Out!

    Sometimes it pays to be blunt. Being blunt is a quick and effective way to get a message across without all the flair and fluff that nobody really pays attention to anyway. And so it is with our approach to craps. Inside "The Insider Craps System," you'll find no flair and you'll find no fluff.

    Instead, you'll find hard facts that will stop you dead in your tracks and make you wonder what the heck you've been doing all these years! From the very first jaw-dropping strategy we introduce, you'll appreciate how we spin your mind into a lean, mean, gambling machine.

    The Very First Strategy We Introduce Will Shock You

    It amazes us that even though this strategy is the most common-sense based strategy there could ever be - its non-use is the number one reason why people fail to win with craps and it's the number one reason why people lose thousands at this game (perhaps even money that they don't even have).

    "The Insider Craps System" describes this strategy so plainly and so bluntly, you might even hit yourself in the head for not realizing it sooner. The good news is that we explain it clearly and thoroughly so that you don't miss the tremendous point that it makes.

    Then we take this strategy even further by telling you what to bring to a casino and what to leave at home! We tell you how to establish comfortable, yet effective (winning) boundaries and we even tell you how to profit from the winnings that those boundaries created!

    Nothing in our book detours from the two most important strategies introduced from the beginning and each consecutive strategy outlined in "The Insider Craps System" builds off of the winnings obtained from a solid structure of intelligent choices.

    It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a regular player, our clear-cut maneuvers will impress even the most experienced pro.

    We Tell You What Matters Most

    We can almost guarantee it isn't what you think it is. And isn't it fitting that we can make this prediction without even knowing you? That's what our approach to the craps phenomena is all about - betting on the unknown based on historical tendencies, patterns, and high probabilities. We're going to show you how to do the same in our book and use what matters most to your advantage.

    Speaking A Language You Understand

    Unlike other books that attempt to give you a few secrets for winning craps (none of which come close to the quality of this book), "The Insider Craps System" speaks in a non-condescending language that you can understand and appreciate. It really gives "easy reading" a new meaning because not only can you follow the strategies, you feel as if a professional craps player is whispering these secrets into your ear while you play the game!

    This book is chock full of useful and practical examples that you can readily point out in any real gaming situation. It's full of analogies that we can all identify with, and it describes conditions that are applicable to the game that you're studying - not some crazy algebraic formula that only nerds can understand!

    It's About Betting Money To Make More Money

    The game of craps really centers around making the right choice at the right time and in our book, we give you the correct foundation for making choices - and we also give you the correct times to make those choices. We tell you how much to bring to a craps game. We tell you how much to play per setting. And we even tell you when and why to follow your own intuition

    Learn the Basics

    No real manual would be complete without fully explaining the basics. And so it is with "The Insider Craps System." Our book introduces you to the basics of craps applicable to both the beginner and the expert.

    We carefully lay out the craps system as it's played in almost every casino, and then we clearly identify the roles of those around you at almost any craps table. Knowing these roles gives you a "heads up" on "who" can do "what," "when," "where," and "why." We leave nothing to confusion so that you can comfortably sit at a table and play craps professionally - without suspicions and without fear.

    We additionally walk you through every step of the game and give you instructions on what to do during each step. At no point does our book focus only on the game. YOU are always included in each and every description, strategy, recommendation, and idea!

    Since there are a number of variations played, we explain several of the most popular ones and then give you exact and appropriate strategies to win at every one of them.

    We give you the terminology you need. We give you straight visual descriptions of the plays you need.

    You're Never Alone While Playing Craps

    Not only will you build support through our system, you have our book at your side for strategic plays and consistent winnings!

    "The Insider Craps System" discloses the method and madness behind 40 different crap bets. It's as if your very own best friend were whispering the secrets of all your friends into your ear for no one else but you. Then we tell you how to win at each one!

    We tell you which bets yield the best results and we tell you which bets to avoid like the plague - in detail! These aren't your grandma's bets either. We're talking about bets like:

    • The Ace-Deuce Bet
    • The Any Seven Bet
    • The Big Red Bet
    • The Box Cars Bet
    • The Buy Bet
    • The C & E Bet
    • The Come Bet
    • The Craps Bet
    • The Don't Come Bet
    • The Don't Pass Bet
    • The Easy Way Bet
    • The Field Bet
    • The Fire Bet
    • The Hard Way Bet
    • The Hi-Lo Bet
    • The Horn Bet
    • The Lay Bet
    • The Pass Line Bet
    • The Place and Buy Bet
    • The Snake Eyes Bet
    • The Whirl Bet and more!
    • The Yo Bet

    Do You Know The Language We're Speaking?!

    From one craps player to another, you know we aren't just "throwing bones" here! Through "The Insider Craps System," you'll learn how to increase your chances of winning by simply applying the insanely simple and practical methods we've outlined.

    After reading "The Insider Craps System," you WILL:

  • Succeed - With "The Insider Craps System," you will learn incredible strategies and tactics that we use ourselves every single time we sit at a craps table to win.

  • Learn Fast - Although our book is thorough and rich with tricks, you won't be stuck with a thousand page manual. With our book - you'll learn fast enough to make a tremendous difference at the craps table the instant you sit down to play - WITHIN ONE DAY!

  • Make Money - Whether you play craps for fun or play craps to earn income, you WILL make money using our system. In fact, you may as well chalk up craps as another one of your cash cows because you'll start winning as though you were an expert at the stock market.

  • Continue to Win - Using real math, real science, and real physics, "The Insider Craps System" GIVES you factual probabilities to work with so that you can keep on winning for years to come.

  • Knowledgeable - Very few of you are going to be smart enough to download our book. That means for those of you who do the smart thing, you'll have the heads up on all the others who don't believe there's a system to craps and don't believe they can win at it systematically.

  • Be 40 Steps Ahead Of The Others - Having the secrets we disclose in our book, you won't make the mistakes that over 90% of other craps player make.

  • Want Charts? Want Diagrams?
    You've Got It In "The Insider Craps System!"

    Unlike an untamed game of craps, we didn't leave ANYTHING to chance in our book! We supply you with exact numbers, precise charts, and visual diagrams so that you can not only understand what we're talking from, you can see what we're talking about!

    Do you know how likely the number seven will be rolled?? (We do and it's in our book.) How about a ten, or a two, or a five? We know the probability of each number and we've outlined these probabilities in an easy to understand chart with percentages and more. Then we tell you the probabilities for each bet described in our book!

    If that isn't enough to convince you, think about this: We explicitly give you the odds of each and every kind of bet - and then tell you how to change those odds for the better!

    In Case You "Don't Get It"

    We live in interesting times full of rich potential and capabilities that crap players couldn't even dream of in the past. In the past (the far past), crap players took their chances alongside alleys and "parked" horse and buggy. Very little has changed in the game of craps, but the strategies of that time couldn't compare to what we've got now even if Einstein himself had studied the game.

    Today, we've got computers! You know, that thing you're using now? With the use of computers, we can simulate hundreds of thousands of craps games and analyze the results to derive what you have at your immediate access now: "The Insider Craps System." There's just no comparison between the game of craps in the past and what we have today. Our generation has technology as it's back and if you want to win, you're going to have to dump the "old" way and get with the times!

    This Isn't Some Rehashed Stuff From The 1800s.

    Forget the old casino image you have in mind. "The Insider Craps System" is the result of digital computer analysis, hard core math principles revised by modern scientists, and keen observations of innovative casinos.

    Step by step we give you the right strategy to work at the right time. We give you the "5 w's and an H" every craps player needs to know to to win:

    • Who to bet with...
    • What to bet...
    • When to bet...
    • Where to bet...
    • Why to bet...
    • How to bet...

    Did we mention the variations of betting within a single bet?

    Whoops! This book is so chock-full of game plans, we almost forgot that one. Not only will you find 40 different bets in this book, you'll also find three different kinds of a single bet! (Hey - When we said we'll increase your odds of winning, we weren't kidding!) And if that isn't enough, we show you how to combine bets for doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled winnings!

    Nothing In This Book Is Illegal

    Let's make one thing clear. Nothing in this book is illegal. EVERTYHING IN THIS BOOK CONFORMS TO CASINO POLICIES (although you may not believe it at first).

    It doesn't matter who you are or how long you've played craps, you will WIN and WIN BIG using the stratagems in "The Insider Craps System." As long as you play by the rules of the casinos and the rules described in this book, there's room for you at the craps table and there's definitely room for your winnings. PLAY BY OUR RULES AND YOU'LL WIN!

    But Don't Throw the Dice Just Yet!

    There's more inside "The Insider Craps Game" - Butt-loads more and if you rush out trying to play without the required serious demeanor, you're going to fall flat on you very own butt trying to beat the system!

    You can't beat the system - not without our spin on it. Otherwise we wouldn't have even written this book!

    You Get 10 Amazing Chapters Of Unstoppable Wins and More

    No matter how hard you look or how long you look, you'll never ever ever find this information anywhere. Not in libraries, not in stores, and certainly not in any magazines or on this internet. This is primo content - exclusively reserved for those who want to get serious about playing craps, and of course, who want to win.

    Reality Check. Don't get it twisted. Although this book is the only one of it's kind, it ISN'T full of hyped bull that any drooling idiot already knows. We get your head straight about this game and we get it straight right away in the very first chapter!
    Bare-Bone Basics. What good is learning how to excel at something without making sure you know the basics inside and out?! That's like playing Olympic tennis without learning how to make a proper serve! "The Insider Craps System" gives you the full-scope of craps basics in order to ensure three very important things: (1) you'll know how to play, (2) you'll understand the remaining strategies in the book, and (3) you'll win at craps.
    Spectrum of Bets. Playing craps is all about making bets so we not only give you the run-down on the most popular types of bets, we describe them at length so you can understand how to benefit from making them,
    The Method Behind the Madness It's almost an oxymoron what we did... We analyzed "chance" and we put a pattern behind "chance." Then we put our analysis and patterns into a easy to read chart for you to memorize and call upon at the casino tables.
    Change Your Odds. It's important for you to know that you're never stuck with one strategy at any time. That's why you'll find a LOT of different strategies inside "The Insider Craps System." By having access to multiple strategies - and then using them during play, you'll not only influence the outcome of the dice, you'll increase your change of winning as well.
    Hedging Bets. Not familiar with that term? Most aren't, but by the time you put our book to use, you'll know this term inside and out and you'll use this highly unique strategy to almost completely eradicate your financial risk. For those who know what we're talking about, you're about to see hedging like no hedging before.
    Switching Gears. No - we're not talking about auto mechanics here. We're talking about raising your awareness to think alternatively and ultimately see the game of craps from a completely different perspective. In doing so, you'll learn how to literally play craps from the casino's view and set yourself up for instant winnings.
    Mind your P's and Q's Believe it or not, a significant portion of your winnings depends on your attitude and behavior at the casinos. We give you the tools you need to develop and maintain a professional demeanor before, during, and after a craps game.

    "The Insider Craps System" is a literal blueprint for success at playing craps, but it isn't going to do much good sitting here on the internet. You've got to download it, read it, and then apply the strategies within to your own game. This may seem too obvious to mention, but we see people all the time who fail to do the things inside the book and then wonder why they can't win.

    Don't be like those other people - not if you're serious about winning at craps. Once you get started with our system, don't look back. "The Insider Craps System" is geared to get your game on and to get it on strong! List the things in our book that you feel compelled to try or do - and then schedule your time so that you can put these things to use!

    "The Insider Craps System" is your personal resource to draw from any time of the day, week, month, or year - and it's a direct reflection of our own database of knowledge and collection of winning experiences. You are free to draw from it any way you wish. All we ask is that you apply our system to your game and see if this isn't one of the best investments that you've ever made.

    With our book, you can finally place yourself into the position of being a pro active craps player rather than a passive craps player. You can control any situation arising from a craps game with our system and you will avoid wasting precious time on unreliable luck or chance.

    "Order Your Copy Today!"

    Don't put this off any longer! If you want this bad enough, then by all means, go for it! Having considered the consequences of the alternative (which is losing), you're at a critical point here. Either act to win - or do nothing and continue to struggle at the tables while creating a downward spiral towards losses.

    OR, put an end to your losing streak, stop procrastinating, and buy the book. You don't need any more research (it's all here) and you don't need any more information (it's all here). More time or thought isn't going to help you now. Only our book can help you now. Your success with the game of craps demands your own time and effort towards our system. Period.

    Without "The Insider Craps System," winning at craps will be nothing more than a dream. Our book will take this dream and turn into a reality - a reality that you've got to see and experience with your own two eyes. Let us be the first to tell you - no craps player ever went pro by dreaming! Instead, they did the very things that you need to do to win and win big. The only thing holding you back is you.

    Resist the temptation to ignore our knowledge and go about playing craps with a bull-head. That hasn't worked very well for you in the past - so why in the world would it work now?! Unless you're the type that fears success, there's no need to put this off any longer - especially if you're going to play craps any time soon!

    You have before you a huge potential to turn a pattern of minimal to medoicre success into guranteed success. And this potential is surrounded by each and every word encased in "The Insider Craps System."

    Order The Insider Craps System Now...

    Please Note: The The Insider Craps System is a PDF ebook format, which can be read directly on any computer screen and/or printed with your printer.

    This system works in ANY country!

    Considering the great lengths we've gone to in order to bring you this system, we planned on pricing it at $497.00. After all, that's less than you would spend to attend a financial seminar.

    And considering what this system can do to improve your life, we'd say it's worth every penny of that price.

    However, we want to make it available at an EXTRA affordable price to a small number of "ordinary" people such as yourself, because we know that your personal finances might be tight, and we don't want that to stop you from winning the lottery.

    So for the next 17 people (including you), the price is only $47!


    That's right, you can save over $400 and grab The Insider Craps System right now for only $47. That's less than it costs for dinner and a movie, and this is something with the potential to change your financial future forever.

    But you'll have to hurry, because those spots won't last long!

    100% - No Questions Asked - 8 Week Money Back Guarantee


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