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Here's What the Bookies Are Hiding From You...

It's The Perfectly Legal System that the Sportsbook Owners are Furious About. Now You Can Beat Them at Their Own Game and Make a Fortune from Sports Betting.

Whatever books you've read, tapes you've listen to, or rookie systems you've followed, The Insider Sports Betting System is the manual you've been looking for that will send your probabilities (and your winnings) soaring - giving you a reality-check on the game behind the game.

We're talking about "No Holes Barred" assistance with winning sports bets whether you're a pro or you're a total newbie at both betting on sports or even understanding sports as a whole. The Insider Sports Betting System overflows with concise, compact, and relevant material designed to not only explain the games themselves - but also explain how to win the bets you make.

In our opinion (and obviously, the opinion of many others) our book has become/is/and will be the driving force behind each and every serious sports bet in America. Written in a user-friendly style, our book literally hands you critical points tips and tricks which that will turn a half-hearted sports better into a serious professional.

They say you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. We disagree however because and we know that thirsty horses drink water - and we know you're thirsty for winning some hard, cold cash! We ARE going to lead you in the right direction because we have the secrets to winning that you won't want to miss. We can factually increase your winnings by 100%! Who wouldn't want that?!

The Insider Sports Betting System gives you nine chapters chock-full of hard-hitting and winning methods, advice, and problem-solving solutions.

We've brought you an entire series of books that dispel the secrets behind increasing winnings and in case you haven't noticed - we get a "steel-toed" kick out of shocking the game industries that we write about. We know that we're sending a huge ripple through the community because we have documented evidence that we're changing the lives for hundreds of people - almost instantaneously.

You'll probably agree - it's about dang time! Haven't you lost enough bets? Haven't we all?! They said it couldn't be done but we took the time to prove that methodical thinking and careful planning can increase winnings. We've proven that sports betting is a freakin' goldmine of opportunities that could be yours for the taking.

The Insider Sports Betting System IS that goldmine - the goldmine that gives you all the opportunities you could ever need to stop losing - and start winning. Hundreds of emails prove that our book works! And it works for anyone no matter how familiar or unfamiliar they are with betting on sports.

WE'VE GOT LETTERS FROM HOUSEWIVES for goodness sake thanking us for clueing them in on how to understand the sports that their husbands are addicted to - and then for showing them how to get in on some of the monetary action! Using the methods carefully explained in The Insider Sports Betting System, some of them actually managed to win more money than their husbands and then the friends of their husbands. They've become the envy of their town!

We even have some of the world's top gamblers writing us and thanking us for the secrets we've disclosed.

(You know who they are!) You can do the same. But you don't know the strategies revealed in our book - otherwise you'd be on the phone with your bookie by now! These aren't some two-bit betters we're talking about either. These are bona fide professionals who took the time to shoot a quick note of approval and we couldn't be more honored to have impressed them.

Like our current customers, you could double - triple - or quadruple your winnings the first time you place a bet! It's like turning on the light bulb in a dark room. No one in their right mind would try to maneuver their way through a dark room. There are corners to turn, tables to avoid, and doors to open. But betting on sports without our knowledge and proven skills is just like walking in and out of a dark room.

After reading our books, you will have turned on the light bulb and acquainted yourself with all the obstacles you couldn't see before. In fact, our book has made it quite hard to lose. We've done the homework for you so all you need to do is kick back - follow our procedure - and reap the rewards. (And you're quite welcome!)

We've proven our record with our entire line of winning strategies, multiple winning products, and folders full of testimonials. Now we want you to prove it to yourself with our FAIL-SAFE system GUARANTEED to INCREASE your WINNINGS faster than ever before.

Lost money in the past? WIN IT BACK with The Insider Sports Betting System.

Nobody else can teach you how to win at sports betting like we can and if you think they can - think again! Our book will blow your mind with the painfully genius techniques we give you. And you simply won't get these strategies from your buddy - your bookie - nor your collection of outdated books on the subject.

Our book is fresh - hot off the presses with information never covered before - anywhere. We give you a strategic advantage and power to bet intelligently. No one has dared to make what we disclose open to the public. We don't know why and we really don't care. What's important is that you know this information is available now - and it's available to you.

Forget your level of experience - forget your age - and forget your gender. (Ladies - our book is fit for you too!) The Insider Sports Betting System is for everyone and anyone who wants to cash in a ticket worth a hundred or a thousand more times than what you paid for it.

Forget your confusion as well. Our book takes what was a bizarre realm of luck and chance into a systematic process of rules that you can damn-near predict and take financial advantage of. You simply can not fail using our secret knowledge!

Through The Insider Sports Betting System, you have access to the precise procedures required to yield prominent and substantial results.

In other words, we give you the ultimate advantage of learning from NERDS - the guys who "figured it out." All kidding aside - if all of us were in college, we're the ones you'd want to cheat from.

Nerds have always had a distinct advantage over the mass population because our brains work in such a way that we seek and find opportunities to beat the odds. We naturally want to solve problems. We naturally want to "win" and "beat" everyone else at "the game". Whether that game is a math test, a science project, or a sports bet - we're the ones that want to analyze, strategize, and ultimately, capitalize on our "being right all the time."

Call it a quirk, but we get real pleasure out of sharing our knowledge with a select few. It makes us feel a little rebellious and a little "bad". Look at Bill Gates. Wouldn't you like to be privy to his secrets? Like Bill Gates, we have become a well-respected force to be reckoned with.

Not to be cruel, but if you haven't already read our book, you simply don't know what you're doing. We know what we're doing and you can know what you're doing as well as soon as you download The Insider Sports Betting System. Unlike with other products, you could never claim that you know. You could never claim that you've used our techniques before because they're BRAND NEW!

In our assessment, we suspect 90% of the current betters out there are literally CLUELESS about sports betting. That bothered us. Okay - it sickened us. The answers are so obvious to us but we came to understand our unfair position. We have a gift - they don't. So we asked ourselves, "Why not share this gift with others?" Cool, eh?

Don't be fooled by other books, tapes, interviews, videos or seminars that try to convince you their knowledge is better than ours or just as good.

Unless they've stolen our content, they're just as clueless as the rest of the "losing streakers" out there. You need the real deal. You need to deal directly with the brains behind the books.

We're your private scientists - IN THE LAB - mixing things up, recording results, and formulating dead-on winnings every time. If you were to enter into a business partnership, you'd chose your partner wisely, right? Of course you would. This is your business, choose your partners wisely. That's what we are. We are your wisely chosen partner IN THE BUSINESS OF WINNING.

In any other circumstance, it probably wouldn't be appropriate to brag about our status, but we think it's warranted in this case. We're right - the others are wrong. We win - they lose. We can bring you in on what we know and we can help you sit pretty while building a successful track record with sports betting. It's easy!

What are you losing right now? And what are you willing to do about it?

Every minute you spend debating whether to buy our book is a minute lost with your bookie. Then again, not even trying our system automatically sets you up for phenomenal failure. That's just plain logic and if you can understand that, then you have no business procrastinating what would the smartest bet you could make. (That's us!) Bet on us! Bet that we don't know what we're talking about. Bet that we're full of hot air. This is One time that we want you to LOSE that bet!

We're so confident about what we're offering that we encourage you to make that bet. In fact, WE bet that YOUR bet is a losing one. Up to the challenge? Are you up to the challenge of winning thousands of dollars? What about your friends? Are you up to the challenge of making consistent winning bests in front of your sports fan buddies? After all, they're going to want to know what's going on!

With our book, you'll discover what your friends wish they could discover. You'll discover how to the bets that are guaranteed to put huge amounts of cash in your hands, and leave everyone else hanging high and dry. You'll discover what separates the winners from the losers - effective techniques that MAKE MONEY.

Just follow a few lines of advice in our book and you'll immediately start to recognize what it takes to become a professional sports better. DO NOT WAIT. You'll kick your own butt later on down the road if you don't take advantage of this offer now. Our methods weren't designed to last forever. They were designed to CASH IN IMMEDIATELY because as soon as "certain people" find out what we're doing - our strategy will have to change.

So now you understand why you must act now. Later, the winnings may not be available.

The date in which "certain others" discover us is unknown. It could happen tomorrow - months from now - even years from now. But our statistics show something different. We keep records on everything and our records show this information isn't going to just sit around. It's going to GET around and it's going to get around fast.

If you wait too long - it won't work for you. DON'T WAIT until it's too late. This small bit of advice is evident now: BUY THE BOOK NOW and CASH IN NOW. It's a simple formula for success: THE INSIDER SPORTS BETTING SYSTEM = CASH. Nothing could be any simpler to understand.

Just understanding that simple equation already increases the probability that you'll do what it takes to make some serious doe. There's nothing to add, subtract, multiply, or divide. There aren't any hard words to define, and there's nothing to measure. It's a simple concept. One thing equals the other and in case you missed it earlier: THE INSIDER SPORTS BETTING SYSTEM = CASH. Period.

If we look at this simple equation backwards and inside out, we get just the opposite. ANYTHING ELSE = $0. In other words, without The Insider Sports Betting System, you'll miss out a huge potential for massive finances. However as good as our book is, there's also another way to look at this simple fact. Without YOU - you don't win. People using our system are winning much more money than they came close to winning in the past by themselves.

Without your action, our book just exists somewhere. Your potential just exists somewhere. And all that money out there just "exists" somewhere. (Well, not really because trust us when we say there are plenty of others willing to pick up on your inaction and grab that money for themselves!).

We've written a book that will show you step-by-step everything you need to do to make some serious money - possibly even make a living at sports betting!

Only in The Insiders Sports Betting System will you find the keys to betting success. As long as you do what we tell you to do, you'll not only win your bets - you'll win your bets over and over and over.

Get your copy now. The minute you sit down to read our book, you'll quickly ascertain that it isn't difficult to make winning bets at all once you know how to do it. In a sense, our book is a virtual "Sports Betting For Dummies" manual - only we focus on one thing: WINNING.

Order NOW And Make A Winning Bet Within The Next 24 Hours

Don't worry about what others are doing. Don't worry about what others think. Screw them. This is an opportunity for you and only you. If we really cared about everyone else, we'd contract a spot on international television and promote our product there. We're speaking directly to you. (After all, we don't want everybody to win - otherwise NO one would win!)

We literally need just an elite group to pay attention to what we're saying because it's this elite group that can prove what we've written. We don't require professionals, just intelligent people smart enough to recognize a golden opportunity and then reap it for everything it has to give. Even if you've never placed a bet before... Even if you've never really paid attention to a single sports game in your life... Our system can turn a wish into a reality.

All it takes is a focused and serious reader. If you're reading these words right now - and you've absorbed every single one of them, you've already got the skills to win have the battle. (Yup - it's paying attention). Everything you've ever wondered about is thoroughly explained in our book. The Insiders Sports Betting System IS everything you need professionally written inside an intelligent guide.

When you order, you can download our book immediately so there's no reason to wait. There are no stupid forms to fill out. You don't need to sign anything. And you don't need to speak to anyone. Your order is as instantaneous as your winnings will be.

Not only do we believe in our products, we believe in supreme customer service.

We would NEVER force our customers to jump through hoops just to get something they already paid for. Hey - we're geeks - but we're business-oriented geeks too. There's probably nothing more frustrating than buying something, and then seemingly asking permission to get what we paid for. We don't do that crap. We're on your side "behind the counter" AND at the bookie.

Our order process takes maybe about ten minutes (probably less than that if you've got a fast Internet connection). And downloading our e-book takes even less than that! The good news is that within 24 hours, you can place a winning bet and return home knowing you did the right thing by placing an order. We take great pride in providing quality information - especially when there is so much b.s. floating around cyberspace this very moment.

The Insiders Sports Betting System gives you a plethora of tricks & tips guaranteed to turn a losing streak into a winning streak and you'll thank yourself for trying it. There's no buyer remorse here - we're dead serious about our claims and our challenge still stands. We still bet you'll never ever find anything else like our book on the market. There's just no way!

Hey - like you, we tried to "play by the rules" and win. But we didn't win. We tried the strategies in books we found at stores, in libraries, and on the Internet. But they yielded dead-end results too. We followed the advice we got from other betters, other gamblers, and other "so called pros." It wasn't too long before we discovered nothing available to the public worked.

We did what made sense. We came up with a system of our own.

Hey - sometimes if you want to do something right, you've got to do it yourself. We wanted to read about a system that works. We couldn't find one. So we figured out what worked (the hard way), and now we're making it available to you as well. The thrill of winning can carry one so far and to be honest, we're bored of winning! We want to take this to the next level and share our winnings with others. That's the thrill we want now.

Giving others the formula for making and placing winning sports bets thrills the hell out of us and we have absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. It gives us goosebumps to see how far we can go with this. We get a rush out of seeing people use OUR skills to take back what they've lost from years and years of losses. Are we Robin Hoods? Taking from the rich and giving to the poor? Possibly. We certainly feel that way sometimes because it's often the little guy that gets hosed.

Whether you're about to lose your home to some rich, greedy bank or you want a back yard in-ground pool simply because you can, the strategies in our book will show you HOW to get the money to keep your home or entertain your friends at your own private pool parties. Why not? There's no law that dictates what you have to do with the money you win. You could be silly and burn it for all we care. We just want you to WIN it.

Using the proven methods and strategies plainly outlined in our book, we show even the most naive sports fan how to predict and bet who's going to win the game. If you already know a little something about sports - imagine what our book would do for you.

They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. If that's the case, then our book is a virtual bomb of success.

Some dictionaries define luck as "an unknown and unpredictable phenomenon that causes an event to result one way rather than another." But you how we define luck? We define luck as the opportunity to have an expert by your side in each important matter. That's what The Insiders Sports Betting System is. It's an expert by your side each and every time you place a sports bet.

What do you think your chances are of finding that in a library - or on the Internet - or on the street?!? We can tell you it's null to zero because we've looked for that expert. Wasn't there. It's here. Consider that another lesson and another freebie formula for you: THE INSIDERS SPORTS BETTING SYSTEM = EXPERT BY YOUR SIDE.

This means that through our book, you can make smarter bets on the sports you like. You can win the bets you place and prosper in the betting industry. We show you the game behind the game and we hold nothing back. We've already shown thousands of others how to do this and there's no reason to think we can't show you.

Using The Insiders Sports Betting System Is So Easy - Even A Child Can Do It!

As part of our research, we've watched the way others placed their bets and we've witnessed the frustration involved when the bets don't bear any fruit. We even sat down to talk to a few and we've listened to how disappointed they were after having bought a book or listened to some ridiculous motivational tape that claimed to increase winnings. We didn't know whether to laugh or cry after hearing some of this stuff, but after close investigation, we knew that we had to do something - and we had to do it FAST.

So we headed back to our offices, and we hired some of the best mathematicians we know. We called in strategists. We conference with bookies. We even spoke with a few coaches and we put our brains to the test. The end result? The Insiders Sports Betting System. If you're ready to learn the way we were ready to learn, then you're well on your way to making winning bets already.

We know that you'll agree our book literally places you on the field as if you were directing a sports game to win the way you want it to win yourself. That's on the profitable side! And that's no joke. We've got documented testimonials to prove it and we can guarantee that if you honestly try our techniques, you will be just as prosperous as our current readers. You'll probably send us a testimonial yourself!!

The Insiders Sports Betting System provides you with specific plays to count on every time you sit down to watch a game. These plays become your foundation for success and our book teaches you how to build on that foundation for unheard of winnings. With our knowledge and proven tools, you can't go wrong and if you have gone wrong in the past, you can now change your future.

But you have to try it. We're damned proud of what we've built over the years and when we say we're thrilled to share it - we mean it. Who wouldn't be proud of a system that works?! Our system changes lives! It changes finances. And it changes outcomes!

Copy What We've Done To Win And Make Our Winnings Your Own!

If you fear that our book is full of scientific mumbo-jumbo, you can put that fear to rest right now. We're intelligent people so we wrote for our audience. In fact, we wrote our book so that even a junior high-school student could understand it. No if a junior high-school kid can understand what we've laid out, you can to so don't be afraid. You don't need an expensive calculator or oddly shaped measuring tool benefit.

All you need it a little focus - a little patience - and a little faith. That is after all how all people learned how to accomplish one of the most difficult feats in human history: walking. You may laugh now, but when you were a babe, you looked at your walking peers in wonder and amazement. Slowly, you figured out how to balance your entire weight on both legs. Then you learned to switch that balance from foot to foot until you could reach that cookie jar!

Learning our system is a little like learning how to walk. It just takes a little focus - a little patience - and a little faith. Now couple that with the genius and the experience of our authors.

In just a short while, you'll be "walking" with the rest of them - catching up to and even out "running" the pros!

We've all had to learn how to walk before we learned how to run, and so it is with sports betting. Don't be foolish. Unless you've read our book - there's absolutely no reason for you to be anywhere near a bookie. The Insider Sports Betting System is your ticket to placing appropriate and effective winning bets!

So in a way, you can congratulate yourself right now. You're here at our website. You're reading our webpage. And you're contemplating an intelligent decision. (Half of the population hasn't even made it this far!) All your questions are answered in our book. All your strategies are in our book. And all our winnings are inside our book as well. Fortunately, you can get it out of there: the answers to your questions, the strategies for placing your bets, and money (winning bets) that belong to you.

The choice is up to you. If you want to earn a substantial amount of money in an honest and legal way, then you have to get our book.. We'll help you from the very moment you open up our book to the very moment you cash in your winning ticket. It's as if you have your very own betting angel sitting atop your shoulder leading you every step of the way!

When we described the team we put together to create the book, we weren't kidding. In The Insiders Sports Betting System, you've got in your hands the brain matter of prestigious college graduates, laboratory employees, recognized published authors of other books, working surveyors, gambling pros, creative game developers, and regularly consulted statisticians.

We couldn't have put together a better team and you couldn't have asked for a more intelligent one.

Our team spent years researching the material we've put together and we then hired a group of professionals to construct in such a way that even a total novice would understand it. So while you're enjoying all the goodies we've included, you're actually privy to the results of an exclusive "pow-wow" and intellectual panel of individuals who know what they're talking about.

Imagine what you would learn if you were a fly on a wall inside the White House - or the Stock Exchange. That's just what it's like reading our book. You'll feel as if you're a fly on a wall inside our conference room, our computer labs, our test environments and of course - on the field. Now imagine if you could instantaneously put every discovery that we made into action as we discovered it. That's what it's like reading our book. You'll be MILES ahead of the others who don't read our book.

Depending on your savvy technical skills, you can carry our book around with you and read it at any time, any day, anywhere, and any place. The Insiders Sports Betting System isn't restricted to any one format. You can read it on your computer at work. You can read it on your personal PC at home. You can read it on a Windows machine or Macintosh or any operating system that opens Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF files.

With the right software and know-how, you could transfer our book to your personal PDA or other e-book-reading device and take it with you on your trips to the games! Or you can print the information and secure it into a 3-ring binder to highlight and write notes on.

Either way you customize it, it becomes your personal secret to making successful bets and you can use it any way that you wish.

Of course you don't have to reformat our book at all. You can read it the way it is and in less than 24 hours, place a winning bet in your favorite sport. Uncover exact tactics we've used to (1) win and (2) prove our claims. It took just a little over eleven thousand words to bring you pages and pages of effective information, and step-by-step procedures in transforming an idea into a literal blueprint for instant cash.

You'll be shocked at the details our e-book spell out and how the book basically walks you through each and every critical process from start to finish. It really is as simple as following a recipe or following directions. Turn left, turn right. Do this, do that. Here's step 1. Step 2. Step 3. It's like that. Simple, right?

Need We Say More??

What You'll Find Inside:

Betting Systems That Work! We give you the betting systems that pay two - three - five - ten times better than other systems. And these are systems that have proven themselves over and over and over to have a significantly higher probability of winning than all the others out there that you may or may not be familiar with. Follow our lead and you WILL earn as much as they've earned for us. Follow our lead and you WILL pull in massive amounts of cash day after day after day.
The Odds. All successful bets depend on the odds - the odds of winning that is. We carefully define what those odds are and then introduce you to the ways bookies redefine those odds in a way that isn't very helpful to the novice. The Insiders Sports Betting System describes each and every one of those odds and teaches you how to modify them to your specific advantage and goals. These are visual odds, mathematical odds, and country-specific odds - all of which have the potential to change your winnings.
Bookie Management. Like our discussion with odds, we also introduce you to the world of bookies. We teach you how to discover whom you're dealing with (and yes - it makes a tremendous difference). And we also teach you how to discover your status among the lot of them. This includes learning the rules - playing by the rules - and playing strategically so your bookies put you on the right list.
Sports History We don't bore you with feather-brain history factoids, but we do take the time to give you a quick run down on what's worked in the past versus what works today when it comes to placing winning sports bets. As a mini-bookie 101 course, we describe the history of bookie bets from before television and radio all the way to our generation's Internet betting crowd.
100% success rate for earnings. They say there's no system that's 100% effective but we found one that is. Sorry nay-sayers, but you can't deter a group of determined intellectuals. We knew what we were doing before we sat down to write the book and we get our confirmation from droves of satisfied consumers. We're talking about a system that can double, triple or even quadruple your initial investment
Vitals. We tell you WHICH sports to bet on. We tell you WHICH system to use. And then we tell you how to WORK the system. You hear people complain about others who "Work The System" to their advantage all the time. Well now it's your turn to generate the same complaints. We tell you how to work the system legally and ethically using a guilt-free system that everyone would use if they only knew how. (And it isn't our fault that they don't!)

No one in their right mind could argue that our book is anything else than primo material. Plain and simple, The Insiders Sports Betting System is THE manual that contains highly valuable and highly exclusive material that will help you build a pretty nest egg. This opportunity separates the boys from the men - the girls from the woman - and the wishful thinkers from the stinkin' rich.

Inside our book, you'll find a lean, clean, effective machine that will guide you and map you through the entire sports betting process. You'll witness your earnings skyrocket that SAME day you place even the tiniest and modest bet. But don't wait. Your buddy could be ordering this book right now. Your neighbor could be installing in onto his computer right now. Or your mother for Pete's sake could be placing a bet at this very moment - all of which leave you clean out of the action.

Order The Insiders Sports Betting System Now...

Please Note: The The Insiders Sports Betting System is a PDF ebook format, which can be read directly on any computer screen and/or printed with your printer.

This system works in ANY country!

Considering the great lengths we've gone to in order to bring you this system, we planned on pricing it at $497.00. After all, that's less than you would spend to attend a financial seminar.

And considering what this system can do to improve your life, we'd say it's worth every penny of that price.

However, we want to make it available at an EXTRA affordable price to a small number of "ordinary" people such as yourself, because we know that your personal finances might be tight, and we don't want that to stop you from winning the lottery.

So for the next 17 people (including you), the price is only $47!


That's right, you can save over $400 and grab the Insiders Sports Betting System right now for only $47. That's less than it costs for dinner and a movie, and this is something with the potential to change your financial future forever.

But you'll have to hurry, because those spots won't last long!

100% - No Questions Asked - 8 Week Money Back Guarantee


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